Systemic Approaches to Bereavement and Loss

Many approaches to bereavement treat it like an illness; with therapeutic models constructed to provide a path to the redirection of ‘emotional energy’ elsewhere.

More recently, the idea of ‘continuing bonds’  and social constructionist, narrative approaches offer ways for the bereaved to maintain a relationship with the dead person.

This one day workshop is based on unpublished research Hugh undertook at the University of Hull, and will explore recent ideas of loss and consider how they might impact upon work with individuals, couples or families affected by bereavement.  We will explore the phenomenon of sense of ‘presence’ of the dead person reported by around 40% of bereaved people, yet neglected in much literature on grief.

This workshop is intended for anyone who is interested in working with people who have experienced loss or bereavement, including counsellors, psychotherapists, bereavement visitors and health/social care professionals and has had excellent evaluations.