Thank you and enormous respect and gratitude for the kindness and respect with which you have dealt with me. You have never failed to show me concern, consideration, compassion and courtesy. This is extremely rare, and you have taught me much.

Thank you sincerely for the humane and caring way you helped me. I’m happy to say I’m feeling calm and enjoying a clarity of thought I haven’t enjoyed for years.

A massive thank you for all your time, effort and patience. You’ll never know how much this has meant to me.

Just a short note to express our thanks as a family in helping to deal with [X’s] illness. We certainly couldn’t have dealt with it so well without your help and kindness.

I just want to say ‘thank you’ for your recent help. We’ve found it a very useful experience…we’ve had a bit of time to rediscover ourselves. [X] even looks younger.

You brought an insight and understanding as well as a warmth I will miss.

Thank you for your quiet, kind direction, Hugh, also for treating me like a human being at a difficult time.

You have an inspiring quality  that your pupils will never  forget.  if ever I  managed to train again in the future, I hope my  passion and caring nature comes across like yours! (Student)

I came to see Hugh with my sister after a period of almost 18 months with very little contact.We had fallen out over what I deemed a petty argument… That, then got out of hand. I was very apprehensive, stressed & anxious about attending family therapy & was not entirely confident that a one off 3 hour session would have a positive outcome. Immediately Hugh made us both feel very relaxed, asked us both about our family background & things started to flow quite easily. The first hour was particularly difficult as we were both SO angry with each other….I admit wondering if Hugh would be able to rectify the situation! The therapy was intense, emotional & upsetting at times but it gave me a clearer understanding of my sister….I didn’t agree with everything she said but I could see things from her perspective more easily & her from mine. Hugh was impartial, calm, focused & honest… He gave clear direction & boundaries to both of us, which without we both would have just stayed angry. The session gave us both the opportunity to express our anger, hurt & disappointment in a safe environment. We still have a few things to discuss with each other but I feel sure this will now be done in a more rational way with a common goal of better understanding & forgiveness. It is so lovely to have my sister back in my life and we are busy making plans for the future. We both admit that we have missed each other terribly & are so thankful to Hugh for assisting with family therapy.

Hugh’s understanding and passion for the subject matter, theory and what therapy is came across in leaps and bounds. The learning was also fun, whilst appreciating the subject matter to hand. Encouragement to practice and role play was met with insightful feedback and encouragement. (Student)

Hugh helped me to turn things round & I am very grateful to him for this, he had his work cut out because I had been let down by so many people but with his support & patience I realised that some people can be trusted after all. (Young person)

Thank you for really helping me! Your work in my family therapy has really helped my family and shown us the patterns we need to sort out! You are always so kind and down to earth. (Young person)

Thank you so very, very much for changing the route my life was taking. I’m free and now believe impossible things. Keep doing what you are doing because you are awesome! (Young person)